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Tips When Bathing Your Loved Ones With Dementia

tips-when-bathing-your-loved-ones-with-dementia Giving a loved one with dementia your whole attention when bathing them is something you should do. Therefore, it might not be safe for them to remain alone in the bathroom while you excuse yourself quickly to get the towel. It is also important for caregivers to provide services related to night supervision. Keep in mind that toilets are places with a high risk of falls for elders. Always have all your bathing necessities at hand before washing them to avoid it.

Let us share with you these prepared ideas to assist you in bathing a loved one with dementia, based on our expertise providing HCBS Integrated in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • speak to them politely.
    Your loved one may resist your attempts to help them get in the bath due to dementia. Talking to them in a kind and upbeat manner will help you handle this. Tell them what you plan to accomplish and which part you plan to wash. This is also applicable when doing home support.
  • Beware of the water’s temperature.
    Ensure the water is at the ideal temperature before bathing them. Your elderly loved one shouldn’t be startled by extreme heat or cold. The unexpected outcomes could cause the bathing to be completely disrupted.

Our group at Victory Care LLC is also available to help whenever you require assistance with HCBS Individualize in Minnesota. If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us.

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