Covid Response
Community living services that bring comfort to people in their homes

Our individualized home support services are ideal for people who live in their own home or any family home that provides support and/or training in community living service categories. There are three types of individualized home supports:

  • Without training
  • With training
  • With family training.

All types of individualized home support can be provided in the person’s own home, family’s home, or community spaces used by the general public and either in person or remotely.

Support in community living service categories:

Cueing, skill maintenance, guidance, instruction, assistance with activities of daily living, assistance with coordination of community living activities, or direct supervision. Support must be within an allowable community living service category.

Training in community living service categories:

Skill-building and instructional services to acquire, retain, and improve the person’s experience living in the community. Training must be within an allowable community living service category, and training must meet identified needs specified in the person’s assessment (e.g., MnCHOICES, long-term care consultation).

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